What is the AR filtrazioni solution for the filtration of oil mists and fumes ?

AR Filtrazioni is a manufacturer of industrial air cleaners, specialized in filtration of fume, micro-dust and oil mist during the production process of CNC machining centers, lathes, milling and grinding machines.

With a know-how of almost thirty years, we can satisfy different problematics related to the filtration of fume and oil mist. Depending on the customers’ machinery we offer different plant solutions.

    Technical specifications

    Our oil mist collectors, completely "Made in Italy", are developed to operate in an air flow rate range from 500 to 10000 m3/h. (from 295 to 5886 CFM Cubic Feet to Minute).

    • A solution of quality contained in price, size and eco-sustainability. The tests carried out where limited space, type of machine tool and quantity of pollutant allow the installation are excellent and of good satisfaction.

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    • The ARNO series represents the core product. Since twenty years on the market, while constantly innovating, it fully meets the needs of high production 24/7. Compact and modern in design, powerful in the suction of oil mist and robust in the structure (absolute absence of vibrations), allows few and quick maintenance operations, thanks to an efficient filtering technology.

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    • The 4K Series is the result of a collaboration between AR Filtrazioni and Gildemeister Italiana, for their Multisprint lathes. The design of this oil mist collector has represented a valid and proactive cooperation relationship that, aimed at satisfying the customer's expectations, has allowed constant product and process improvements. The comparison, if taken in proactive terms, highlights possible limits and on both sides the ways to overcome them.

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    The proposed solutions

    A new generation of industrial air cleaners must allow protection and health of the operator, respect the environment, save energy, protect the sensitive parts of the machine tool, guarantee constant precision of the parts in production.

    The ARNO series of AR Filtrazioni, easy to install and small in size, it fully meets the requirements of a modern workshop. Effective tool in terms of safety and robustness of construction parts, it is a valid support for an easy maintenance to be carried out annually (60% of filters are self-cleaning and/or washable).

    The operator can visually check the filter clogging (thus allowing zero additional man-hours) thanks to the analogue pressure gauge, or through an alarm sent digitally to the PLC of the machine tool, for the major machining centers, lathes, milling machines, grinding machines.

    In compliance with the requirements of 4.0, all the series of industrial air cleaners designed by AR Filtrazioni with its own know-how, are strictly in compliance with the European NORMS EN 1822 and allow the recirculation of the purified air inside the working environments according to the D.D.U.O. n.12772 of 23/12/11- tec. attach. 32 of the Lombardy (Region subjected to very strict rules because of the high concentration of companies on its territory)

    ROI and eco-sustainability

    In this regard, with methan cost 0,315 €/mc, we estimated a savings of around 415 Euro per year for each air cleaner installed and a containment of CO2 emissions of about 9,000 kg per year for each system installed, which permits to re-inflowing filtered and purified air into the work environment, helping the function of air conditioning systems, too.

    The KAIZEN phylosophy

    Cleanness has a number of benefits that go beyond the aspects mentioned above; it can be a powerful tool to increase productivity and performance of companies.

    We have to remember that in a clean company, the risk of accidents is lower. Keeping a machine tool clean means checking its state of health, detecting any problems and remedying them in real time. Cleanness and tidiness help to reduce waste of time searching for materials and tools and make it easier to move around. Working in a clean environment increases the sense of belonging to the company, because in a tidy environment you work better and with more serenity. This is the KAIZEN philosophy method used by TOYOTA for its production processes.

    The sales network

    AR Filtrazioni has an extensive distribution network, through which we are able to be present in a widespread way in Europe with 35 sales outlets, in Asia and overseas with a distributor in Canada, North America. The network is supported by periodic technical training at our headquarter, as well as by the direct support of our technicians on site to allow the identification of the best solutions to the oil mists problem.

    AR Filtrazioni supplies some of the most important machine tool manufacturers; mounted as standard, exported in all over the world.

    For further information, please contact us by e-mail web@arfiltrazioni.it or by phone under the following number +39 035 533822

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    The oil mist collector solution for our AR Adelio Ratti costumer